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“I love you”
the last words you whispered.
Those were the last words
That I heard from you.

Your just sleeping.
Your just swimming.
Your silent, refusing to speak.
When you fell, it was just a stunt gone wrong.

It’s all my fault.
If only I had listened to you.
If only I’d not been so hateful towards you,
On our last day together.
Why. Why! WHY!!
I wish I wasn’t so weak.
Then maybe I could’ve saved you.

You were supposed to be there for me.
I needed you and you knew that.
You weren’t supposed to die!
You never should’ve followed me!
If only you listened to me!
If only you listened to me, then I wouldn’t have run away!
I hope you go straight to hell!!!!

I can’t believe we said those things to each other.
I can’t believe I overreacted like that.
I knew the bridge was old.
I knew it was a 50 ft drop.
But I just wanted to get away.

There wasn’t anyone like you.
You were the only one who didn’t want to kill me.
If only I just went into my room and smashed my lamp instead.
I wish I never had that fight with you.
I’m so hot-headed, and selfish.
The worst part is, I’ll never see you again.
Come on you horned monster,
I’ll give you my soul if you bring him back.
What do you want? What is he worth?
Gold? Jewels? Blood?
I’ll give you anything if you return him.
I don’t care about the price.
All I want is to be with him again.

“I love you”
the last words you whispered.
I might move on, I might meet someone new.
But for as long as I live,
Those words will forever echo in my skull.
And with every rose I place atop your memorial,
I whisper the very same words you did me.
“I love you.”


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Fallyn Adams
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