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( SO decided to try my hand at something dirty. Dont like smut? Then don't read)

Calpurnia struggled to open her heavy eyelids. She couldn't remember what had happened recently. The last thing that she remembered was Pit defeated her with a great sacred treasure. And she was taken to Skyworld as a prisoner.

As Calpurnia's blurry vision straightened out she realized that she was in a dark room and was tied down, her limbs tied to separate posts of some sort. She figured that she was tied down in her prison cell under Skyworld. She tugged at her restraints, trying to see that if she could break free but she couldn't. They were too strong. It was strange because the material bounding her wrists and ankles were soft like fabric but she heard the rattle of chains whenever she struggled.

But it didn't matter how she was tied up, what matters is why she was tied up.

Calpurnia didn't question her motives for trying to plunge the world into darkness, or the reason why Pit came to take her down. she questioned why pick and Palutena kept her alive, why didn't they kill her when they had the chance? what exactly are they planning on doing with her? Are they going to reform her or punish her? And how are they going to punish her? Are they going to kill her? Torture her? Publicly humiliate her? What exactly are they going to do with her?

"Wakey wakey little jailbird." A smug, chirpy voice called.

Calpurnia's eyes hurt the lights suddenly came on in her prison cell. Now she could finally see where she was or what bound her. She first saw someone standing at the door, it was Pit, the captain of Palutena's army and the very angel who took her down. He was wearing a tunic in similar style of his usual uniform. A white chiton wrapped around his body according and held together with the brown leather belt. Minus the wrist gauntlets,  the sandals and his black under armor shirt. She guessed it was Pit's casual public wear.

As Calpurnia's eyes adjusted to the light she observed her surroundings. With further inspection Calpurnia realized that she was restrained by cloth that extended from special chains, An effective yet comfortable method of restricting ones' movement. She discovered that not only her wrists but her ankles as well were tied up, and to the four corners of a bed none the less. Not only were her limbs tied to her bed so her body made a shape of X, she was dressed in something different.

Calpurnia was no longer wearing her usual battle gear of black short shorts, half calf, leather, lace-up boots or dark blue tank top with her long-sleeved black biker jacket. Upon further inspection Calpurnia saw that she was in an outfit similar in the Skyworld style, thigh-high black biker shorts and black sports-bra-like under armor shirt underneath a short, white chiton tunic. She suspected this new attire to be her prison uniform... WAIT A MINUTE HOW DID THEY DRESS HER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!?

"If you're wondering how you got into this then I'll let you know that while you were asleep Lady Palutena washed, healed, and dressed you herself." he explained. "You should be thankful that she had even considered forgiving you after what you did." Pit hissed, shooting eyes like daggers at her.

She turned her head to avoid Pit's disapproving gaze. "I am grateful." her voice filled with guilt.

Pit strode over Calpurnia's side. He towered over her like an angry giant. For the past year that Calpurnia had know Pit, she had never seen such a look in his eyes. He was always happy. Determined. Excited. The saddest she had seen him is when we didn't get thirds at meal time, and the angriest when Hexus destroyed the innocent, unexpecting town with one devastating blow. But all that was nothing compared to the look in his eyes glaring at her now. 



"WHY DID YOU DO IT!!!!?" Pit screamed at her. His reddened face now glistening with tears. "We let you in!"  
Guilt and agony dug it's claws deep into her core. Calpurnia felt her face get hot and her stomach twist. "I know."

"We PROTECTED you!!"

"I know..."

"We TRUSTED you!!!!" 

"STOP IT DAMMIT STOP IT!!!!!" she couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears welled up and overflowed down her cheeks. She felt like she wanted to puke. "I REGRET EVERYTHING I'VE EVER DONE! I SHOULD'VE STAYED BY THE SIDE OF GOOD! I SHOULDN'T HAVE BETRAYED YOU!!!!" 

Pit recoiled in surprise. His disheartened gaze softened.


Pit listened closely to the new information that Calpurnia sputtered in between sobs. After a minute or so of breathing deeply Calpurnia continued. "Hexus's soul was weak enough for my conscious to overpower it. But I took his power and his evil went to my head. The evil enhanced my rage and hatred for mankind." she explained somberly.

"Is this true?" Pit asked, hoping that one of his closest friends didn't act entirely at their own will. "IF YOU'RE LYING..."

"I'M NOT!!!" Calpurnia interrupted. "It was like I was in a dream I couldn't control completely. Like a Pinocchio with strings." she compared.

Pit watched Calpurnia's flowing tears as he wiped the last of his away. He could see the mixture of genuine feelings radiating from Calpurnia. Absolute guilt, fear, and despair. 

Calpurnia thought Pit was going to harm her in some from when he lowered himself to her. But instead of harm, she felt the warmth of an embraced. Pit hugged her tightly without causing her any discomfort, wrapping both his arms and his white feathered wings around her. She felt his chin on her shoulder and the sound of his steady breathing came to her ears. 

"I'm sorry too..." Pit whispered. "I should've helped you, somehow." 

Calpurnia's chest loosened up and her heart beat sped up at the sudden act of kindness. She didn't know what to do. For one thing, she stopped crying but her breathing was still  a bit choppy.

Calpurnia didn't really know what to say except for this. "It's not your fault." 

After everyone had calmed down Pit had his serious face back on. Calpurnia knew that whatever was coming to her was going to be bad because Pit almost never had a serious face like the one she was seeing before.

"So answer me this, Captain of Palutena's guard," Calpurnia asked, "Why am I here?"

Pit cocked his head in confusion. "What do you mean? Besides from the obvious."

"No, what I mean is why didn't you kill me when you had the chance? I've done such horrible, unforgivable things and my body remains unscarred, unbloodied, and intact. In fact my person is in better condition now than at the beginning of our epic final battle. The only bad thing is that I'm tied up somewhere in Skyworld and Palutena saw me in the nude. So answer me this. What is my punishment? Are you going to kill me? Torture me? Publicly humiliate me?  What has your goddess have in store for me?"

Pit paced to the other end of the room and gazed at the wall, deep in thought. after what seems like forever he turned around and stared at Calpurnia. "I'll have you know Palutena didn't decide any punishment for you. "

" What? "

Pit obliged to answer. "Palutena urgent to business to deal with at Mount Olympus. She's going to try to convince Zeus and Hera not to execute you." Calpurnia swallowed hard. "I hope for your sake that Zeus and Hera will be are in a nice mood today."

"So I guess I'm still on the chopping block?"

"Yes, regardless of what Susan Harris say you're still going to be punished. And LadyPalutena has appointed me with the responsibility of deciding your punishment."

Calpurnia sighed quietly in relief. Pit was a very sweet and merciful person. He wouldn't even hurt a fly.

"Lady Palutena truly does have too much faith in me. I'm absolutely torn about what I should do. There's the duty to my Goddess, and then there's the duty to my heart."

(Work in progress )


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