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Zelda turned and walked to a dusty bookshelf.
Her hand glided over the spines of the other books until she stopped at the book she was looking for.
She skimmed threw the pages as she returned to Link and Jade’s side.
She stopped at a page with what appeared to be a giant golden circle with six hearts embedded along the edge.
Under the image were two maidens, one with white-feathered wings, and the other with black-feathered wings.
They looked as if they were holding up the golden circle. On the top of the page there was what appeared to be some sort of door, with the Triforce on the other side.

“The object portrayed in this picture is an item know as the Celestial Gear. There is a description in this old book that tells a little about this.” Zelda read aloud.

Long ago, an unnamed evil tyrant brought darkness and chaos to the land of Hyrule. Many people suffered under his cruel rain for a long time.
Many warriors had attempted to defeat the tyrant, but all had failed. All hope seemed lost.

 Until one day, two maidens, who wanted to end the tyrant’s reign, went to the grounds were the goddesses Din, Farore, and Nayru had first set foot into this world, and prayed for help. Upon hearing their desperate pleas, the goddesses bestowed upon the maidens two gifts.

The first; a magnificent holy power made from the very essence of the elements that the goddesses had used to create the world; known as the Heart of Life.
The second was a shield carved from the golden temple in the heavens where the goddesses resided.
That shield was filled with the fighting spirits and hope of all of the fallen warriors who had died trying to defeat the evil tyrant; an object known as the Holy/Warriors’ Shield.

With the Heart of Life and the Warriors’ Shield, the sisters defeated the evil tyrant. But the maidens had suffered a great deal from the battle.

Before they passed, the maidens did what they could to prevent the future destruction of Hyrule.
They split the Heart of Life into six element pieces and spread them across Hyrule, where they reside in the place of where their essences reside.
The pieces would now be used as objects to maintain balance throughout the lands.
 As for the Holy/ Warriors’ Shield, it was buried in a place where it can only be found where the heaven’s light breaks the night, and can only be wielded by only a chosen few that are pure of heart.

“If Hyrule were to fall into chaos once again, assemble the Heart of Life with the Holy/Warriors’ to open a gate to the Sacred Realm.
Our souls that rest within our next lives will reveal themselves and purge the land of its evil.” Those were the last words they uttered before they died.

When Zelda finished, she turned back to Link and Jade. “ I think I know want the Thief wants. If he assembles all the pieces together, he can open the door to the Sacred Realm and obtain the Triforce, and wreak havoc upon the world.”                                                                                                              

Jade stood up quickly. “Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the Hearts before the Thief does!!!” she exclaimed.

“Easy there, Jade. We need to make an official game plan first.” Link told her.

“He’s right,” Zelda agreed, “But first, you need to get the “something” I asked for first. As the old legend describes, the Heart of Life and the Holy/Warriors’ Shield can open the gateway to the Sacred Realm. And the Heart of life is made of six pieces. As long as the Thief doesn’t have all of the pieces, he can’t open the door. I need you to retrieve the Holy/Warriors’ Shield.”

Jade tilted her head. “Where can we find that?”

“The legend says, ‘it was buried in a place where it can only be found where the heaven’s light breaks the night, and can only be wielded by only a chosen few that are pure of heart.’ Where do you think it is?

As silence descended upon the group, they all thought really hard on what the answer to the riddle could be.
After what seemed like forever in silence, Link sparked an idea. “It says ‘where the heaven’s light breaks the night’. What if it means the sunrise?”

“What do you mean?”

“It says where the heaven’s light break’s the night. Well, the sun is pretty important looking if you ask me and it ends the night.
Also, ever heard the term ‘break of dawn’?”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Zelda agreed. “If you’re right, then we should look in the west, where the sun rises.”

“Yeah, but it’s already past sunrise, what can we do now?” Jade asked.

“Well…” Zelda began, “I suggest that we look for more clues and information on the Holy/Warriors’ Shield. After all, “in the west” isn’t exactly a very specific place to look.”

“Your right.” Jade and Link exclaimed in unison.

Zelda beckoned her two friends, “And I know a place where we can start, follow me.”


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